The University of Southampton

Students from Biomedical Engineering Group attend BioMedEng 2018 at Imperial College, London

Published: 12 September 2018
Pictured (Left to Right): João Fernandes, Nikita Karra, Jonathan James

The Lung on Chip Team (PhD students: Nikita Karra, João Fernandes and Jonathan James) presented a poster at the BioMedEng conference held in London from the 6th to 7th September 2018. The conference hosted a series of talks and workshops on the latest research in this ever-expanding field. The event also included the launch of the ‘Organ on Chip Network’ bringing together academics, industry, research councils and investors to discuss the future of the emerging and rapidly growing ‘Organ on Chip’ technology. The conference and network meeting provided an invaluable insight into the prospects of this technology and its many uses, whilst providing networking opportunities to meet possible collaborators. The network emphasised the success of this technology is dependant upon the collaboration of individuals from different backgrounds to enable accurate recapitulation of organs to enable new drug development and discovery.

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