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2018 Program of Seminars

Published: 12 September 2018

Introduction The Bioengineering Seminars consist of a series of workshops and talks organised at the University of Southampton with the aim to disseminate the recent advances in research belonging to bioengineering. One of the overarching goals is to engage and inspire a multidisciplinary audience (students, staff, professors, and researchers) of different faculties to learn and interact with the speakers in a low-key environment. The seminar series is financially supported by the Bioengineering Science Group (Faculty of Engineering and Environment), Faculty of Medicine and Institute for Life Sciences (ifLS). The seminars are advertised on Twitter @BiosemSoton, on Facebook, and on the webpage of the Faculty of Engineering and Environment. The specific objectives of the seminars are the following: a) Two-way research sharing between the University of Southampton and the invited speaker b) Lab tour at University of Southampton to establish further collaborations between the speaker and some of the interested research groups at University c) The organisation of workshops in combination with the seminars to show the most recent advances in bioengineering at the University of Southampton involving multidisciplinary teams d) They offer a chance for students in bioengineering to meet the speaker and other students for an exchange of ideas.

Dr Ilaria Cinelli Galway University Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering

Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis University of Leeds Controlling cells and tissues with surface topography and chemistry

Dr Monica Bertoldo Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPFC), Pisa Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels and their use in bioengineering applications

Dr Guillaume Charras London Centre of Nanotechnology (LCN) Manipulation of single cells using microfluidic technology

Prof Stavroula Balabani UCL Mechanical Engineering Fluidics for healthcare and point of care diagnostics

Prof Richie Gill University of Bath Trunnion failure in modern THR: a consequence of hubris?

Prof Alvaro Mata/Prof Giovanni Vozzi Queen Mary, London/University of Pisa 3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine workshop and seminar

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