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Awards for Biomedical Electronic students

Published: 3 August 2018

Doctorate Awards for Biomedical students Students from the Biomedical Electronics group, ECS were presented with a Doctoral awards at the newly established Doctoral College Research Showcase. All doctoral researchers from across disciplines and year of candidature were invited to submit a poster, put on a hands-on-activity at the Showcase. The poster competition was judged by a panel drawn from University of Southampton Staff. The exhibits were decided by a People's Choice vote.

Illaria : I won a Doctoral College Director’s Award 2018 for Citizenship and Community and Research Image Competition 2018. I am so glad to have received these awards, I hope that my commitment and dedication in research could be as an example to all the young researchers who want to work in academia.

Nikita : I received a runner up prize for the doctoral college poster showcase held at the University of Southampton. I was delighted to receive the award as it was the first poster competition I have entered and also because I have changed fields from Biomedical Science to Biomedical Electronic Engineering. So, I hope this inspires aspiring researchers to step out of their comfort zone and to engage in interdisciplinary research to broaden their horizons.

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