The University of Southampton

BE Group Away Day & Seminar - Event

5th of July, 2019  @  09:00 - 17:00
Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

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BE Group Away Day & Seminar

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Presenter 1
Presenter 2
3 May
R. Gillams
"Microfluidic approaches for exosome isolation"

Sarbani Das
Neural signal disruption property of myelinated axon.

53/4025  at 13:00
31 May
V. Calero
Tuning Deterministic Lateral Displacement separation with AC electrokinetics
Raphael Gutierrez
 Phase lag index hardware calculation for real time electroencephalography studies" 
53/4025 at 13:00
5 July
F. Garcia Garcia
“New technologies for maintenance and monitoring of functional tissue samples in long-term culture”.
D. Ralph
"Recommendations from Cold Starts in Big Data".
Historic Dockyards

AM session

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