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Biomedical Seminar - Prof Guillaume Charras - Event

8th of December, 2017  @  13:00 - 14:00
Nuffield Theatre (6) - Room 1083
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BIOMEDICAL SEMINAR - with Prof Guillaume Charras from the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK





Relaxation and blistering in epithelial cell monolayers     





Epithelia are planar tissues, separating the internal environment from the external environment in many organs. Epithelia are subjected to mechanical perturbations that vary greatly in magnitude and timescale during development, normal physiological function and regeneration. The speaker will present two recent studies that examine the behaviour of monolayers over short or long time-scales.







Speaker information

​My general interest lies in the biophysics of living cells both at the single cell and tissue level. At the single cell level, my research aims to understand the biological and physical mechanisms that power cell motility within three-dimensional environments such as connective tissue. Other research looks at the biophysics and biology of cell protrusions known as blebs.

At the tissue level, my research is investigating what single cell properties influence tissue properties using simple cellular aggregates such as cysts. Another aspect of this research is the design of in vitro systems to study simple, yet important, morphogenetic events such as cell sheet invagination.

To investigate these questions, the laboratory combines modern molecular and cell biological techniques with biophysical measurement and micromanipulation techniques derived from nanotechnology, microfluidic technology, and computational modelling.
My laboratory is funded by the Royal Society, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and the Human Frontier Science Program.
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